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Nothing but the web

Chromebooks are developed especially for the web and are optimised, because, finally, you spend there a lot of time. Thus you can surf faster, easier and surer without having to fight itself with the problems of usual computers.

Immediately in the web

Chromebooks start in only eight seconds and are operational from the Standby mode immediately again. Websites are fast loaded and explained easily and the newest web standards and Adobe Flash are completely supported. Chromebooks build on speed and are laid out to become quicker and quicker with every version update.

Always linked

Thanks to integrated WLAN and 3G you can get any time and everywhere easily a connection with the Internet. By the start of your Chromebooks you get to this one connection with your preferential wireless network, so that you are online immediately.

Seemless use from everywhere

Your Apps, documents and settings are certainly stored in the Cloud. Even if you should lose your computer, you can announce yourselves simply on another Chromebook and continue your work.

Fantastic Web-Apps

On every Chromebook are millions of Web-Apps can be installed, by google play through tables up to photo editors. Thanks to the highly competitive HTML5 technology many Apps also function at the rare moments at which you are not online. If you liked to try out the newest Apps, simply visit the chrome web google play store or give directly the URL. You need no CDs for it.

Registration for friends

Chromebooks can be easily used with friends or members of the family together. As soon as these announce themselves, all chrome settings, Apps and enlargements are available to them also. To surf privately, you can also use the guest mode. So or so no other user of your Chromebooks can access your e-mails and personal data.
Always topically

In contrast to a customary PC your Chromebook improves consecutively. If you switch it on, it updates itself automatically. All your Apps are always on the newest state and you receive the newest and best operating system version without having to look after it. And all this without tiresome update requests.

Integrated security

Chromebooks dispose of the first operating system which is laid out from the outset on the defence before the constant menace by painting product and viruses. They are based on the principle of the “deep defence” which offers a clever multi-layer protection which encloses, among the rest, the Sandboxing technology, data encoding and the so called “Verified boat ” for the start process.

The new Chromebook: the notebook from Google for 249 euro
Today thera are Notebooks, Netbooks, Subnotebooks, Ultrabooks, Tablets and Smartphones – the number of the mobile computer solutions is so immense that it becomes high time for a new draught which unites the advantages of all worlds and makes superfluous tiresome either or decisions. It’s hightime for the Chromebooks from Google. Ultramobile like a Tablet, terrifically fast like an Ultrabook and always up to date like a Smartphone – all this unites a Chromebook with the best virus protection, Cloud comfort and all what you need for varied entertainment and mobile business.

Convince yourself:

Brilliant software of Google, top hardware of Samsung, Acer and HP
What puts out a notebook highlight first, is the hardware. Here the Google Chromebooks place on the know-how of Samsung and Acer. Whether excellent display, quick dual Core processor or highly competitive accumulators: Chromebooks present technology spirit of the times par excellence. In the elegant appearance the operating system chrome does OS his and always topical service quickly and brings important uses like the chrome browser, Google drive and a varied ext. choice immediately.
Chromebook for comfortable data management in the Cloud
Whether report, family photo or favorite CD, with a Chromebook you trust your data simply to the Cloud and you can access your data from everywhere and also from your Android-Smartphone or Tablet. Simply use the free memory of the Google drive and hold your files always up to date.

Also bookmarks, files and settings of your chrome browser are available to you, also hardware covering.

And even print your orders which you send wireless from the Cloud near your WLAN printer.

Chromebook features in the overview
About the Google Chromebooks ext. complete package onboard: Whether Google Docs, Google Play Music or Hangouts: A Chromebook brings all Apps for your business and entertainment everyday life immediately. Automatic actualisation and thousands of other Apps in the chrome’s google play complete the comfort.

About the Google Chromebooks numerous security features: Security comes first with a Chromebook. Thus your Notebook-Allrounder checks the system for Malware, Software and updated automatically the preloaded Security Apps by the start. Besides, the Incognito mode permits sure and private surfing.

About the Google Chromebooks high speed on a continuing basis: On account of the operating system which resembles from Smartphones and Tablets, as well as the obstructed Flash memories your Chromebook starts in less than 10 seconds. And also if you instal other uses, this does not brake your Chromebook.

About the Google Chromebooks automatic updates: With a Google Chromebook you always remain open, because the system of your notebook disposes of an auto-update function which downloads the most topical system versions, ext. updates and security features automatically and instal.

About the Google Chromebooks the best Connectivity: Beside USB ports, 4-in-1-Memoryslot and microVGA connection a Chromebook also offers the best Web-connection for you. Thus you trust in integrated Dual-Band-WLAN and use the internal 3G-modem (dependent on model) for your next web session.

Chromebooks: all backgrounds
Chromebook Cloud integration, ultraquick boat process and a slender, noble design: Chromebooks persuade as an ideal tool for Web-Apps and Social media. In our technology encyclopaedia you find out all interesting facts about the development of the Cloud-Allrounder and the operating system chrome OS.

Discover Chromebook

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Chromebooks discover

No irritating updates. No complicated training. Starts in few seconds. Your favourite Google Apps are already onboard.

The Chromebook is an excellent second computer for the work, play games and for common use at home, very briefly: for each one.

The Chromebook is a new laptop from Google. It is easy, handy and quite easy to serve. It starts in few seconds, protects your data online in the Cloud and protects it with an integrated virus protection. Chromebooks have your favorite products of Google already onboard and are suited ideally for the work on the way. They can start immediately. Personalise your Chromebook with thousands of other Apps from the chrome google play. Get your Google Chromebook immediately here in the online shop.

It looks like a laptop, feel like a laptop, but…

Chromebooks concern to a computer type with which you can do things faster and easier. The installed operating system chrome OS disposes of several security levels, Cloud memories and has the most popular Google products on board.

With Google work and have fun

Your favorite products of Google are already integrated, i.e., you can get it immediately and work, play or do with it everything  you wish, just like you feel.

Choose from the thousands of free Apps which are available with automatic updates always.

Synchronisation with other devices
Chromebooks can be synchronised easily with your Android phone or Tablet as well as with other devices where the chrome browser runs. Access from everywhere your bookmarks, files and other settings.

The Chromebook could also be called Cloudbook. On the notebook or even netbook is almost no data stored. Instead, the user with his Google account announces himself. Then he has his usual working habituation and can use this also on other Chromebooks. However, an Internet connection is necessary for it.

Chromebooks for Linux handicraftsmen
Linuxday critics maintain, only technically experienced users could use Chromebooks as they want.

Advocates say, it is easier than expected to use own software. We have spoken about it with Kernel programmer Matthew Garrett and Coreboot developers.

Still much other free software is used beside the GPL-licensed proficient product Coreboot to Googles Chromebooks: the Linux-Kernel, the X server and of course own developments from the chromium project. This is for one a blessing, for others a curse. On the Linuxday we have spoken with the Linux developer Matthew Garrett and partner of the Coreboot project of advantages and disadvantages of the Chromebooks from the point of view of the programmers.

Freedom instead of security?

Although the Coreboot is used on the Chromebooks  instead of UEFI as a proficient product, the laptops explain first only the code which is signed by Google. This is for Garrett absolutely comparably with the UEFI function Secure a boat on whose Linux support has worked.

The devices are probably laid out on it, Garrett supposes to be interchangeable possibly among employees and to store all data in Googles Cloud. If a user could start fast and simply signed software, this would be a security risk in the intended scenario of utilisation.

To be able to explain still any software on the Chromebooks, these let themselves in the so called Developer mode. This forces according to Garrett the users, however, to a difficult decision, because Google permits “either to freedom or security, nor both of it.”

This description is not absolutely appropriate, this also knows Garrett. Though own keys can be deposited in the Chromebook proficient product, nevertheless, this is anything but easy and user-friendly. Since before it is necessary to unscrew the laptops and to change the position of a pullover on the Mainboard to get writing access to a part of the proficient product, said Garrett during the interview.

Easy Using

In the focus of the criticism of Garrett the too high degree of difficulty stands for users if they install that software on the Chromebooks which they want, and at the same time functionality like the security by signed software.

One of the Coreboot developers who did not want to be called was not able to say that he finds the argument hardly understandable. If a user wants to install own software, he must move the device merely into the Developer mode to attain, for example, Root access.

On the ARM-Chromebook of Samsung distributions can be furnished so possibly like Ubuntu or Opensuse as a dual boat. On X86 based Chromebooks like the pixel even a biology emulation is included with Seabios by which to itself nearly every distribution should be allowed to start. It is even easier to use the Chroot surroundings crouton. Then the Ubuntu thus used on the Chromebook uses possibly Kernel and X server driver of the Chromebooks what simply allows, for example, the use the pixel of touchscreen.

The Coreboot developers know of course also around the security risks which the Developer mode rescues. To escape these, however, is easy, in addition the device must be restored into the normal state merely again. He knows even some developers who use this precisely in such a way, possibly if they went away in another country, said us the Coreboot developer.

The mutual arguments testify from different perceptions of the computer users. Garrett represents rather the ethical basic ideas of the free software to allow Highness over her devices to users very simply. For the Partner in Coreboot it seems to be not so important, as long as the software is free available. If enthusiasts want to mess around with the Chromebooks, they have the possibility for how Coreboot or other projects to prove.

Besides that Google offers many explanations in addition even on the Website of Chromium OS.


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What is Chromebook?
Chromebook is a new computer created by Google.

It is simple, light and easy of use. Ready to be used in some seconds, it safeguards your data in the cloud and protects them thanks to an integrated antivirus.

It is the ideal apparatus to win in effectiveness wherever you are.


Win in effectiveness with Google
Get stuff done with Google
Products popular Google are included into Chromebooks, as searches her Google, Gmail, YouTube, and Hangouts. You can so work, amuse yourself and make what you want without prior shape. Customise your Chromebook with thousands of other available applications on the Chromium Web Blind.

Made to be shared and Perfect for sharing
Chromebook is made to be shared with your fellows, and even with occasional guests. Having endowed multi-user with a functionality, he allows each to achieve easily his own files, his own applications and his own parametres.

Finish worries


No loss of time

Chromebooks starts in less than 20 seconds and restarts instantly after a bet in wakefulness. Contrary to other computers, Chromebooks does not decelerate in the course of time.


No maintenance

You do not need to download either to instal the updates of your antivirus, or your software: with the automatic updates, Chromebooks makes it for you. Do not any more waste time for installing correctives.

Don’t worry

Thanks to integrated security, you are sheltered by viruses and by malevolent software. You do not need to instal software of security on Chromebooks, because they include several integrated levels of security.
Integrated Cloud
Lose never again a file or a photo. Achieve your contents wherever you are.

Keep, create, share
Your Chromebook allows you to record your files easily on Google Drive. You can so resume your work where you had stopped on any apparatus, wherever you are.

Synchronise your contents
Chromebooks synchronises perfectly with your telephone Android, your bar and all other apparatus working with Google Chrome. You can so achieve your favourites, your files and your other parametres wherever you are.

Print since the cloud
Your apparatus Google Chrome is equipped with Google Cloud Print, a new technology allowing you to achieve your printer without cables.

Work except connection
Chromebooks offers applications except connection as Google Documents and Gmail except connection. You can so remain productive the rare times when you are disconnected from the Web.


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The newest and best Chromebooks are from HP, Acer and Samsung

The famous search engine Google, puts on the market its new laptop computer of last generation. This article deciphers characteristics and advantages of very aesthetic Chromebook.

A computer ” all inclusive “:
Chromebook is a laptop computer which includes an operating system and system of many applications, without credit in they were downloaded or has the adding. The operating system GOOGLE Chrome bone, very competitive, includes a system of security at numerous levels.

Chromium-plated Google BONE

The computer also includes all modern connectivités as technologies Bluetooth or wifi. The processor includes a speed of execution of tasks improved for a more fluid and quick job.

Chromebook also allows the direct stocking of data thanks to integrated Cloud, as well as integrated and automatic updates which will not come to unsettle any more and to postpone the usage of the computer.

A true play and professional tool:
Chromebook allows, thanks to numerous integrated applications free, to dedicate itself entirely to leisures, without pressures. Video, films, game and communication are made in a click without any prior stages of installation of software. Google Play, Google Drive, of tchats possible go up to 9 friends united for a cession of debate via efficient hangouts, will be usable very easily.

Google applications

Win in effectiveness thanks to Google

Chromium-plated Google and the Instantaneous declension Google Chrome allow the quick load of pages web consulted regularly, from the beginning of the seizure of URL of one of them enter. G-mail applications and U-Tube are automatically present.

The computer Chromebook also allows an easy synchronisation of data and of jobs with other electronic apparatus as smartphones or bars equipped with the system Android. All apparatus equipped with the navigator Google Chrome will be also easy to synchronise with Chromebook. The professional files and various jobs will therefore be able to be consulted permanently and there itinérance on all your mobile computer support.

A generous tool of distribution:
The possibility of numerous connections allows to every user of Chromebook to achieve its personal contents only during the usage of the computer. By speeding up “invited” mode it is possible of reassuring its contents to lend its Chromebook in a third without these last being not able to achieve the personal data of the owner of the computer.

Google Drive
A tool of simple, reassured and efficient distribution

The integrated system of security of Chromebook prevents all installations, accidental or not, of undesirable software, or even malevolent. This system also tells the user against any modification of the basic parametres of the computer to prevent any control of this last remote by possible sophisticated hackers.

Chromebook records different data automatically and allows to resume a work where he was interrupted. The computer makes swing easier therefore from an user to other one and allows the loan of Chromebook without fearing the access to the confidential data of order or the possible attacks of virus via a not very conservative usage of the cloth by a third user.

A tool ZEN:

Chromebook takes care alone correctives and updates of security of different integrated software. The user has not any more to lose a precious time in tiring actions of downloading of more recent versions of different computer applications.

Chromebook: a tool ZEN

Google Drive safeguards automatically your data, your jobs and your online researches, without any manipulation to be carried out for the user. All risks of loss of ongoing jobs are moved aside. The numerous successive integrated levels of security of Chromebook jam attack them and the spread of the computer viruses. These strata of successive securities constitute a powerful antivirus.

Chromebook does not suffer either, even after a right time of use, of traffic jams of software which postpones it functioning. He leaves mode stay up in some seconds and uninterrupted to react promptly to every click of the user. Chromebook is therefore a tool vector of a big calmness of mind.

An aesthetic tool:

The Chromebook from Google is a laptop computer which can be fabricated by two different constructors, Acer or Samsung. Whoever is the constructor, the aesthetics is modern and tendency. The apparatus declines in various nuances of chromium-plated grey more or less made darker and with a fine and not very bulky design.

Chromebooks of both constructors has screens of 11,6 thumbs for a 2,5 cm thickness and a 1,4 kg weight.

Chromebook is therefore a competitive, aesthetic laptop computer, which includes a maximum of functionality to allow an usage and a distribution with complete peace of mind.

All users will also appreciate quick starting in twenty seconds as well as 100 Go of memory included on Google Drive free for two years.


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Chromebook is a netbook working under control of the operating system Chrome OS. The Chrome OS assumes rather non-standard approach for the modern notebooks to operation with applications and data. In particular, the program is offered not to be installed on a hard drive, and to use in the form of web services, opening them in a Chrome browser window. Thus data are generally stored on Google servers. Files can be stored and in local memory, for example, the photos loaded from the Internet, musical and video files.

Netbooks as “Chromebook” are known for rather low cost and fast loading.

Very important and fundamental difference is that without Internet access “Chrom Book” is not impossible to use.

In October, 2012 Simon Fipps, declared in InfoWorld that “the Chromebook line, perhaps, the most successful Linux a desktop/notebook a line of computers which we ever saw so far”

The first chromebook went on sale in June, 2011. As of March, 2012 are issued only Acer firms (Acer Cromia Wi-fi model) and Samsung (Samsung Series model of 5 Chromebooks). Certification is made and there are photos Chro-mbook from Sony (Sony Vaio VCC111 Series model).

On 18.10.2012 Google provided long ago the expected decision — 11,6-inch chromebook on the basis of the ARM processor worth only $250.

On 22.02.2013 Google were provided by Chromebook Pixel – with a screen resolution of 2560×1700 pixels, at the cost from $ 1299.

Chromebook Samsung

Chromebook Samsung

Developed by Google in partnership with Samsung, Chromebook has technical characteristics and functionality exclusively conceived for a quick and easy online use.


Compact extremist Chromebook SamsungCet computer is conceived for navigation on Internet, for conception of Cloud, in the optics of a connection always more intuitive. Besides, his operating system is made to be connected in Wi-Fi. Chromebook reduces the functionality in comparison with a classical laptop computer to allow a quicker, more efficient navigation having as vocation to remain linked by working by means of applications.

This computer charges with file nor with software in starting, it has an office, an explorer simplified and lightened by any icon, taskbar and not useful software in Internet navigation. At the level of the bar of tasks, is notably offered an access to count Gmail, to Google Chrome, to Google Drive, to YouTube, application notepad, in Google +, in Google Play, to Google Docs, in games, in functions camera and adding machine.

Technical characteristics

Chromebook SamsungLe Chromebook Samsung is equipped with the Chromium-plated operating system BONE, of a screen LED and checkmate of 11,6 thumbs with resolution 1366 x 768 pixels, of a webcam included into 0,3 megapixels, a Two-tier swivel processor Exynos 5 in gigahertz 1,7, from 2 gigabyte memory RAM and of a hard disk to 16 gigabyte memory.

It is also endowed with a keyboard in 74 keys with Touchpad, of two high stereo talkers in 1,5 watts each, of one microphone integrated, of harbours VGA, HDMI, of a harbour USB 3.0 and a harbour 2.0, an exit foots the bill, of an entrance microphone and of a slit multicards SD, SDHC, SDXC. Its dimensions are 11,4 ″ x 8,09 ″ x 0,69«, he weighs 1,4 kilogrammes and the autonomy of its battery is more than six hours.

There still, Google and Samsung wanted to reduce and to simplify the technical characteristics of Chromebook to favour a nomadic function. He has Bluetooth but no harbour Ethernet because intended only for an use in Wi-Fi. The computer is plastic colour money reducing its weight so and making its transport easier.


Chromebook SamsungLes first advantages of the Chromebook from Samsung is of course his weight and his dimensions. Imponderable with its 1,4 kilogrammes, it is possible to transport it everywhere. Its functions devoted to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth favour a freedom of movement.

Other advantages of Chromebook are its capacity to allow a simplified and quick, easy Internet navigation, thanks to its operating system, its office, its bar of tasks, all orientated to an efficient and intuitive connection.

Finally, the Chromebook Samsung alloys power, performance and friendliness by the pertinence of his design, of his ergonomics, by the autonomy of his battery, the power of his processor lightened by any software and file that can hinder his first function intended for Internet.

The Chromebook from Samsung is the ideal companion of the nomadic navigator.

New Chromebook Samsung arrives

Some years ago, we launched into the conception of a new type of computer quicker, easier in use, more reassured, and more accessible. With Chromebook, we want to give the access to computers and to wealth of the Web in persons’ maximum worldwide. Today, we are proud to announce the launching of last Chromebook Samsung.
A big number of users all activities of which are based on the cloud has already adopted Chromebook as main computer. For many others, it is the perfect secondary computer: he is ideal to consult his e-mails, to share documents and chatter via Hangouts.

We want to say one thank you very much to our partners for their devotion. Indeed, Chromebook already wins a big success. In the United States, Chromebook Samsung is number 1 of the best sales of laptop computers on Amazon since its exit, and in the United Kingdom Chromebooks represent more than 10 % sales of laptop computers of Curry powders PC WORLD, the national leader on the market of the electronic equipment.

Chromebook Samsung is one of the lightest laptop computers on the market. With a weight pluck 1,1 kilogramme and less than 2 cm in thickness, you can take it everywhere, and you benefit from an autonomy of battery of more than 6 hours for a classical usage. In spite of a compact design, it gives exceptional performances: he starts in less than 10 seconds and restarts instantly after a bet in wakefulness. He gives a high video resolution (1080p) and a fluid navigation since the tactile paving, thanks to material acceleration.

Chromebook is a computer easy in use alloying speed, security and simplicity, thanks to automatic updates. It is easy to share: every user can have a separated count, and the data of each are stocked in complete safety. Besides, by buying Chromebook, you benefit from a free storage space of 100 Go on Google Drive *, to be able to achieve all your documents, wherever you are. Finally, if you use regularly products such as Gmail, Google Drive, the Research Google, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Play or Hangouts Google +, you will appreciate their fluidity of use.

In USA, Chromebook Samsung is sold at the price of 299 Euro TTC (except expenses of delivery), online on Amazon and Pixmania, as well as in 10 shops in the regions (at this occasion of the experts Google will make demonstrations, every week, Fridays and Saturdays).

This Chromebook is also available for schools and firms. To know more about it, thank you for returning you on this devoted site, or joining Hangout which will take place on  the Page Google + Google in Education.

We hope that you will appreciate this new Chromebook, and that he will answer all your waitings, that you are a supporter of the cloud, or simply in search of a second accessible computer.

Users get a free storage space of 100 Go during 2 years, from the first day of use of Google Drive, for the purchase of eligible Chromebook in this offer.


Technical detailed description
Mark Samsung
Weight of the article 2,6 Kg
Number of the model of the article BDL / CHROMEBOOK 11.6″ GOOGLE + Galaxy Y Whi
Colour Grey
Size of the screen 11.6 thumbs
Type of screen not tactile Screen
Mark of the processor Exynos
Type of processor Exynos 5200
Speed of the processor 1.7 GHZ
Number of processor 2
Size of the random access memory 2000 MB
Memory Installed Size 2 MB
Size of the hard disk 16 GB
Interface of the hard disk Serial ATA
Description of the graphic card NA
Type of connectivité 802.11G
Deck of the computer equipment PC
Average life (in the hours) 6 hours
Guaranteed constructor Guarantee Producer: On 1 year

Chromebook Acer C7

A new Chromebook on the market

After the generation of signed Chromebook Samsung, it is in the turn of Acer to join the giant of research engines to offer a new laptop computer turning with the BONE of Google.

The price gripped by the Chromebook Acer C7 (249 € recommended public price) makes a computer improved for the students, with him, they will be able to remain linked thanks to double included Wi-Fi band and achieve all tools necessary for the catch of note, for the creation of presentation or of leaves of calculation. Then let us see what it is there indeed.

All functionality of united Google
Chromebook Acer C7

The operating system of Chromebook allows the access to all functionality habitually given by Google. The access to Gmail for example can make connection except – what allows to treat mails his in rare cases where the computer will not be linked, it will be then possible to send them an online time. The Chromebook d’ Acer gives a quick environment in navigation and especially very stable thanks to his integrated antivirus.

And what about the side design?
Your Chromebook means your rules of the game
The new laptop computer from Google shows a rather sober design with its dark colours and its plastic cockle. The users of Acer there indeed reconnaitront curves since he postpones only very few other products of the range in terms of aesthetics, everything is therefore played indoors.

What he has under the bonnet
Chromebook Acer C7Vu of inside, Chromebook has everything of a big since he loads a processor Intel Celeron 847 as well as 2go of random access memory in DDR3. More than enough for filling the tasks which are asked him, that is navigation and multimedia.

In terms of multimedia just, Acer bet on a screen of 11,6 thumbs inheriting technology LED and showing a maximum resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. To go farther and especially to see bigger, he disposes of exits HDMI and VGA for a connection made easier for all types of external screens (television sets, monitors, etc.).

Chromebook Acer C7Le Chromebook d’ Acer does not give a capacity of huge stocking inside since the hard disk does not exceed 320 Go but it will be however possible to stock its personal data in the cloud thanks to Google Drive. A space of 100 Go is even given in the purchase of the laptop.

As for his measurements, they are agreeably surprised by his weight when it is manipulated. He does not weigh more than 1,4 kg for a thickness of 2,5cm. A small problem is however to denote since announced autonomy does not exceed 4 h in navigation and indeed much less in multimedia use.

Acer Chromebook C7 11,6

Acer Chromebook C7 11,6

Technical detailed description
Mark Acer
Weight of the article 1,4 Kg
Number of the model of the Aspire article One C710-B842G32Cii
Colour Grey
Size of the screen 11.6 thumbs
Mark of the processor Intel ® Celeron ®
Type of processor Intel Celeron D
Speed of the processor 1.1 GHZ
Size of the random access memory 2000 MB
Type of memory of the computer DDR3 SDRAM
Size of the hard disk 320 GB
Technology of the hard disk sata
Description of the graphic card Intel HD Graphics
Chromium-plated operating system
Average life (in the hours) 4 hours
Guaranteed constructor Guarantee Producer: On 1 year
Functions Integrated Webcam


Screen 11.6″ LED LCD
Hard disk: 320 Go SATA
Processor: Intel Celeron d 1.10 GHZ
Random access memory: 2 Go
Graphic card: Intel HD Graphics

Description of the product:
Finished uninterrupted updates, in hand difficult catches and expensive software! Chromebook starts in some seconds and already contains your applications favourite Google.
Descriptions of the product
“Netbook with screen 11,6″” – Processor Intel ® Celeron®  847 – Memo 2048Mo – Stocking 320Go – Reader of card 2 in 1 – Harbour HDMI – WIFI 802.11 b / g / n – Keyboard QWERTY – GOOGLE CHROME BONE – Guarantee on 1 year”

Chromebook HP Pavilion

Chromebook Pavilion from Hewlett Packard

See things in large software aspect
The Chromebook HP Pavilion includes products Google most approved by a large majority. So are present research Google, post box Gmail, YouTube and Hangouts which succeeds in Google Talk. All common activities of office automation and of entertainment are accomplishable without prior shape.

The update is made in an automatic way. Besides, the Chromebook from HP is already endowed with a protection antivirus. It is therefore useless to buy or to instal additional software for an immediate use.

The material aspect

The best of Google

With a screen BrightView 14 thumbs with LED backlight (1 366 x 768), the model of HP is the heavyweights of Chromebooks with a 1,8 kg weight and a 2,1 cm thickness. It is besides provided with a processor Intel Celeron double heart. In term of stocking, He benefits from 100 Go in the cloud on Google Drive with a hard disk SSD of 16 Go.

This free capacity will remain valid during a length of two years as from the date of first use of offer Google Drive.

CHROMEBOOK HP PAVILION it could vary according to the mode of use or other factors, the autonomy of the battery can go till 4 am and 15 minutes. To be connected to network, Chromebook has double Wi-Fi band 802.11 has and from Ethernet.

At level connectique, they note the presence of three harbours USB 2.0 and of a harbour HDMI. A slit for memory card 2 in 1 (SD, MMC) is also found.

Debates on hangouts will be able to be made by seeing his interlocutor thanks to the camera high integrated definition.

Finally, they will not forget to mention the compatibility of the Chromebook HP Pavilion with Bluetooth 3.0 and, in another register, with the bolts of security Kensington.

It costs:
The Chromebook HP Pavilion, with all above-mentioned software and material characteristics, is sold in 306,59 euro.

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